Student Housing Parking
Easy management, modern tech, security focused
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“The interactive map allows us to assign over 2,000 parking spaces each fall, most of which are tandem, in less than half the time it used to take us before Parking Boss.”

Easy as A-B-C

Managing hundreds, or even thousands of beds with almost 100% yearly turnover is no simple task. The last thing you need to do is to spend countless hours dealing with your resident vehicles as well. Parking Boss provides the perfect combination of materials and software so you can efficiently manage every vehicle on your property, including guests.

  • Track every vehicle on your property
  • Assign and revoke permits quickly and easily
  • Add unlimited team members to share the workload
This isn’t old-school

You want and deserve technology that works for you—not the other way around. Parking Boss is built to run anywhere, directly in your browser on a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. Modern features like Smart Decals, smartphone LPR, and Smart Maps for assigning spaces will help you manage your parking faster and better.

Today’s students expect the latest technology. Our Parking Attendant app makes registering their guests quick, easy, and fair.

  • Software-focused approach to parking
  • Parking Attendant app for your residents
  • Smart Maps for efficiently assigning spaces
  • Smartphone LPR for quick, accurate enforcement
A safe space for parking

Safety, both on and around campus, is a concern for the entire college community. Every vehicle on your private property should have a permit to park, whether it belongs to a resident or guest. If not, patrol can identify, record, and warn them of their infraction. Repeat abusers or problem-causing guests can easily be banned from parking again.

  • Quickly identify unauthorized vehicles
  • Keep a history of every vehicle on your property
  • Ban vehicles from parking
  • Create violation thresholds to stop abuse

Student Housing Parking Features