Resident Parking
Record, track, and verify resident vehicles

Smart Decals™ — the next-generation window sticker

Each Smart Decal has a serial number and unique barcode for quick validation right from your smartphone. Upon scan, the level of information displayed is determined by the user’s role. Unlimited Smart Decals in our standard colors are included in every plan.
Public Scan

A quick barcode scan displays the corresponding decal number, license plate of the vehicle it’s assigned to, space number it should be parked in, and most critically, whether or not the decal is active or inactive. Because this self-enforcing view is available to the public, it creates accountability among community members without revealing private information.

Patroller Scan

When a Field Agent scans a Smart Decal they can see the unit number the vehicle belongs to—perfect in case of emergency or for a courtesy notice before towing. Upon Manager approval, Field Agents are able to see all the resident contact information as well. Field Agents can also add notes or record a violation.

Manager Scan

When a Manager admin scans a Smart Decal they get all information associated with the permit, including contact info. Managers may also revoke or edit the permit, as well as record a violation.

Assigning Smart Decals

Assigning Smart Decals is quick and easy, and can be done by Managers or individual residents. Add a unit number, assigned space number, license plate, contact info, and vehicle make, model & color to each permit.

Standard Color Options

Our 1.5” x 2.5” Resident Smart Decals come in six standard colors. Most communities can benefit from two or more colors for creating multiple parking “zones” (e.g. open spaces & assigned spaces). This makes identifying whether vehicles are parked in the correct area quick and easy. Unlimited standard Smart Decals are included in every plan and come in both exterior and interior stick.

Custom Smart Decals

Take your Smart Decals to the next level. Whether you need branded colors, specific text, or a community/management logo, our design team will work with you to create the right look that will meet your specific goals (additional fees may apply).


Since Smart Decals are not intended to be transferable, tamper-resistant slits are built into the die, making them difficult to remove without tearing into several pieces. This helps prohibit residents from giving (or selling) their permit to a friend or neighbor when they move out of the community.


Our decals are made from a strong substrate and adhesive with an extra protective layer of UV lamination, giving them long life in harsh weather conditions from -40º to 200º F.

Transferable Option

In rare instances, some communities want the ability to move permits from one vehicle to another. Our simple, durable hang tags designed just for Smart Decals is a perfect solution. For an additional fee, hang tags can be customized with colors, text, and your community’s logo.

Don’t want to issue physical permits?
Keep track of your resident vehicles without Smart Decals.

Do you have a gated or assigned parking-only community, but you still want to keep an up-to-date record of your resident vehicles? Smart Map is the perfect way to permit and track vehicles without the need for a physical decal. Whether garden-style, urban high-rise, or mixed-use, our team of professional designers will map out your entire lot giving you the ability to make informed decisions about where to issue assigned spaces to your residents.