Parking Enforcement
Ensure compliance and catch repeat offenders

How we think about enforcement

We’re all guilty of making an honest mistake. Your residents and their guests are no different, and they deserve a fair chance to follow the rules—especially as you roll out a new parking program. So we strongly encourage at least one clear, documented warning before taking more serious action, such as towing or booting. Recording a violation and applying a Smart Warning sticker is the perfect way to firmly yet politely notify the offending vehicle owner of their infraction.
Date & Time Stamped
The date and time is captured on every violation recorded, and is visible to admins, patrollers, and the vehicle owner.
If a violation is recorded against a permitted resident vehicle, an automated notification may be sent via the email on record.
Photo Evidence
Using a smartphone, patrol can snap and attach multiple photos directly to the violation, providing the evidence when needed.

Record and Notify in Seconds

Managers and Field Agents can quickly search a license plate of any offending vehicle. From there, it takes only seconds to record a violation with photographic proof, adding it to the vehicle’s history.

Know When to Escalate

Unfortunately, repeat violators are a reality in every community. Parking Boss has a customizable violation threshold to easily escalate enforcement when appropriate.The “Repeat Violations” list is perfect for viewing all the repeat offenders at a glance. Clicking on a vehicle gives patrol the right information for taking the next step. For instance, a “TOW ON NEXT VIOLATION” alert is clearly visible on plate BIT9982.

Violation Notifications

Parking Managers can send a violation notification to any email or text via mobile phone.

The recipient receives an email or text message with a link to view the violation details, including the photos.

Residents with existing permits are automatically notified via the email on record with their permit.

Smart Warning Stickers for Any Occasion

All Parking Boss Smart Warning Stickers are designed to work seamlessly with our violation software. Easy peel backing is great for removing just a portion of the lining before applying to the vehicle window.