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Take control, keep the peace, generate revenue at your apartment community
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“We’ve implemented two services that have greatly improved our resident and staff experience; Parking Boss and Amazon Hub package lockers.”

Be the parking boss

Are you fed up with certain residents taking advantage of the rest of your community? Do you ever ask yourself, “Where are all these cars coming from and who do they belong to?” Parking is the gateway to your apartment community and you have every right to enforce your rules on your property.

Managing hundreds of cars is a tough job, but we know you’re not afraid of the work; it’s just difficult without the right tools. Parking Boss provides the perfect combination of materials and software so you can take control.

  • Identify every vehicle on your property
  • Set your own custom guest parking limits
  • Run reports for detailed information
  • Keep your patrol accountable
Can’t we all just get along?

Sharing a finite resource like parking in an apartment community is a challenge. Residents confront each other because guest parking gets monopolized; others own more cars than they’re supposed to, taking valuable space from those following the rules.

Parking Boss was built by people who think about people—not just technology. The result is easy-to-use software that keeps residents accountable and guest parking more available. And most importantly, you’ll always know what’s going on. This means a better place for residents to live and a more peaceful place for you to work.

  • Create an environment of accountability
  • Place responsibility of guest registration on your residents
  • Always be in the know with vehicle & enforcement histories
  • Get better reviews
Ownership will love you

Saving precious staff time dealing with parking hassles is just one way to increase value. With Parking Boss, it's easy to find unauthorized occupants that consume your resources.

Generate more revenue by implementing parking-specific amenities such as premium assigned spaces or paid overnight guest parking. If done strategically, adding the benefits of Parking Boss may not just save you time and create a better community atmosphere—it may end up not costing you a dime!

  • Increase staff efficiency
  • Find unauthorized occupants
  • Create rentable premium assigned spaces
  • Generate income with paid guest parking

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