Guest Parking
Self-service with automatic rule enforcement

Over 2.7 million guest permits created... and counting

Configurable to match virtually any community rules, our guest parking solution is proven to be the product of choice for residential communities nationwide.
Vehicle Time Limits
Limits can be based on the license plates of the individual guest vehicles. When a vehicle reaches its limit it won’t be allowed to register until time becomes available to them again.
Unit Time Limits
Time may also be limited by resident unit number (or address) regardless of the guest vehicle. This setting also allows management to block delinquent tenants from having guests.
Virtual Gate™
Stop outsiders from parking in your private lot! Each unit is issued a unique passcode that is required for registration. Residents may authorize guests to register without sharing their passcode.
Smart Meters™
Tailor ultra-flexible guest parking limits to automatically enforce your rules. Stack any combination of limits on homes, vehicles, days in a row, or number of vehicles parked at a time.
Generate Revenue
Where parking is at a premium, our pay-to-park solution is a great way to generate additional income, especially for overnight guests. Learn more about our Paid Parking solutions.
Manager Overrides
Managers can ban any vehicle or unit from guest registration. They can also issue Special Permits to guests they approve to stay longer than the standard parking rules allow.
Smartphone, Tablet, or Desktop
The Parking Attendant places the responsibility of guest registration on the residents and their guests—removing the burden from management. It takes only seconds from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer with Internet connection.

Registration in Seconds

Our simple yet sophisticated Parking Attendant is used across all demographics, including fixed-income housing, garden-style apartments, senior 55+ communities, mixed-use, urban luxury high-rises, and HOAs & condos.

Built-in Enforcement

Automatic Time Limits

Parking Boss serves as your first line of defense with built in time limits. Once a vehicle (or unit) reaches its parking limit, it’s denied a permit until time becomes available again.

Smart Guard & Alerts

Managers can set up automatic notifications for when a violation is recorded, a threshold escalation is triggered, or Parking Boss identifies patterns of potential abuse.

Automatically Block Residents

Registering your residents by assigning Smart Decals to their vehicles will automatically block them from being able to register as a guest with the Parking Attendant.

Ban Any Vehicle, Anytime

At any time, a Manager can ban a license plate (or unit) from registering as a guest with the Parking Attendant, making it easy for patrol to spot if they choose to park anyways.

Guest Parking Signs

Our professional-grade parking signs make it easy for guests to know where to park AND how to register. The barcode directs guests to your community’s Parking Attendant, leaving no room for claiming ignorance. Our in-house design team can create custom signs that integrate with your community’s existing brand.

Guest Parking Magnets

Our business card-sized refrigerator magnets are a handy way for residents to quickly access guest parking from their home. We’ve included a convenient space for residents to write in their own unique passcode.

Guest Parking Notifications

As an option, guest registration can be configured to require the guest’s email and/or mobile number. This is very helpful for two reasons:

First, the guest (or resident on behalf of the guest) receives an email and/or text when the permit is initially created and 15 minutes before their time is up.

Second, the guest’s (or resident’s on behalf of the guest) contact info can be instantly accessed by management in case of emergency.

Special Permits

“I just had surgery and my caretaker needs to park every day for the next few weeks.”
Guest time limits aren’t typically set up for lengthy stays. This is why we’ve built a solution just for exceptional cases. Special Permits are just like normal guest permits but have individually configurable time limits and can only be created by a Manager on a case-by-case basis.